Water Solutions


Fridenson Integrated Water Solutions & services provides smart, affordable and on demand clean water to populations in remote, water polluted or disaster areas where no drinking water is available or there is a limited supply.  Our integrated water solution is based on three pillars: Water treatment, storage and delivery.
Being a global, professional logistics company, we provide end to end, cost effective water solutions that include the following elements:
  • Mobile water purification systems with 3,000 liter / 24 hrs. capacity 
  • Water treatment system for raw river water
  • Water storage farm after treatment
  • T-flex: Foldable, pillow shaped water tanks, designed for transporting water on standard flat-bed trucks or in ocean containers.
  • Logistic water container for rapid response
  • Rapid deployment water distribution center including a pillow shaped tank, platform and drinking fountain to serve large numbers of people simultaneously.
  • Temporary water farm in sizes ranging from 5000 USG to 1,000,000 USG.



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