Logistics Projects

'Project Cargo' has been one of the Group's highlights and engine of growth since many years. We have been conducting some of the largest logistic projects ever performed in Israel.
Our huge vastly diversified experience in conventional cargo shipping and chartering, put together with our own fleet of specialized equipment for over sized and over weight loads, as well as our comprehensive local logistic services, enable us to tackle almost any logistics large scale project, by combining complicated ocean freight missions, on-carriage and delivery of any volume , weight or size to any destination.
During the last twenty years we have carried out projects of Oil & Gas, Telecommunication and Energy infrastructure, Rail wagons, Heavy machinery and much more. Some of those large scale and volume Projects were performed for enterprises such as Intel FAB 28, Haifa Oil Refineries – the new Clean Fuel Production Facility plant, various turbines for Israel Electric Company (IEC), Disengagement from Gaza and many others.

Industrial Re-Locations

We perform rigging and installation services, from single machine or a production line up to re-location of full factories.
In the last few years we re-located production lines on a Door-to-Door, Turn Key basis in Israel, UK, Romania, Australia, Switzerland and Germany.





Read more about various projects:

Fridenson in RAWABII.

Manufacturing line - "Shtuhim" by Beigel Beigel, Zfat.

Difficult Freight Handeling (MTT)

Power Project for ABENER company, Sdom

Dor Film manufacturing line transfer from Israel to Mexico 

Fridenson in Door to Door heavy lift Project

Project Cargo Export from Israel to Hamburg Port

Project cargo export Haifa port to Hawaii Project site

 Project M.A.N reactor import from Germany to Ashdod port in Israel


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